Who is it for?"


What can I learn?"

Basically anything — from pottery and painting to coding and designing.

How can I join?"

You can create an account with your email address.

Can’t I just use my Facebook or LinkedIn to login?"

Our next update will have this functionality!

Which types of accounts are out there?"

You can be a Student (take lessons only), a Tutor (take lessons and exchange knowledge) and a Tutorist (take lessons, exchange knowledge and get paid for your lessons).

How do I become a Tutor?"

Once you register as a Student, you can add more details to your profile such as Skills, Locations and Education. Once you filled in all the information required, you will earn the status of Tutor.

How do I become a Tutorist then?"

After becoming a Tutor you will need then need to fill in your banking details and a scan of a legal piece of identification (ID, Passport). After this is done, we will review your information within a few minutes and your profile will then change to the one of a Tutorist.

Can I be guaranteed that my tutorist account is safe and secure?"

Yes you can!

And what about my banking details and payments?"

Same here! You will enjoy the functionalities and security of the Stripe payment system integrated to our website.

How I can be sure that I will be satisfied with the lesson received?"

Student and tutors rate each other at the end of each lesson ensuring a fair and continuous review system. Furthermore, you have the possibility of checking the profile, CV and skills of each tutor meaning you have the power to decide who you think will be the most appropriate person to teach you the skill you want to acquire.

I am an experienced tutor, is thetutorist for me? "

Yes it is! We have a wide range of pay to win services specifically for you. For more information, contact us directly:

I don’t want to leave home, can I be learn or teach online?"

Absolutely! We provide an opportunity to have online classes, so you can teach or learn at the comfort of your home.

What about commissions? You must make money somehow right? "

We do take commissions per paid lesson. However, are commissions are NOTHING compared to our competitors: We take 15 to 3 percent against 20 to 40 percent per lesson for our competitors.

Why such low commissions? "

We care about education more than we care about profits!

There are lots of online courses, so why choose Thetutorist?"

Have you ever finished a course on Coursera?

What’s so special about you?"

Our personalised approach to education, our swiss-knife platform and our commitment to your success.