Thetutorist is a worldwide skills marketplace. Our goal is to help students and empower tutors with technological tools designed for education. We believe that connection on a personal level is important for achieving the best results, that’s why we created a unique algorithm that will ensure the best match.

What's in it for you ?




Spread your knowledge

Bound with like-minded individuals; learn a new language, pass a university course or learn how to play an instrument, the sky is your limit. Thetutorist is built in a way where it is you, the user, who add all your skills to our platform. By using this method, everyone has a chance to share and teach what they love no matter what it is.

Establish relationships

We created an algorithm, which matches tutors and students based on their interests, agendas and locations ensuring an always enjoyable experience; it finds you the right person, at the right time and the right place. One of our concepts of what a social platform should be, is that you have the opportunity to meet interesting people you would have normally never met in the everyday life.

Be connected

For an individual or a group, Thetutorist allows all the classes to be performed online or at your favourite café. The idea here was that we wanted to allow anyone to have a chance to receive a quality education in the environment they feel comfortable in. You can exchange a language with someone at the other side of the planet just like you can meet with other students at a local kitchen for a cooking lesson. You are the one who decides what, where and when.




Because education must include everyone, we enable all our tutors to decide what they would like to receive in exchange for a lesson. Whether it’s money, a service or a skill, you are the one who decides what your reward should be.

A social exchange

We believe in a society where every individual has access to education no matter their social class, location or age. An easy access to knowledge is through tutoring as it allows quick learning through one’s experience. This is why we let everybody exchange skills or services in exchange for a lesson. We want people not only to acquire a skill but to also go through a beautiful social experience that only tutoring can provide: you not only learn about a topic, you also learn about the person, her culture, her ideas and her differences and this is priceless.

Set your hourly fee

As a tutor, you are free to set the hourly price for each of your lessons and edit it at anytime you want. If it is your first time setting a price, no problems we are here to recommend you the right price for your lesson. The program we are using for payments (Stripe) will allow you to give lessons to people in more than one hundred countries no matter their currencies and use nearly all systems already existing whether it is VISA, CB, MasterCard or even iDeal.




Learn something new whenever you want, wherever you want with whoever you want.

Do you want to learn something a new language? Learn how to cook? Pass a course? You will find everything you need in our catalogue. Don’t believe us? Check us out: Create an account

Have access to unlimited knowledge on a free to use platform

We enable people to exchange skills or services in exchange for a lesson, not just money. Study a new language by teaching yours, learn how to play the piano by teaching a programming language, everything is possible.

First class tutors, only

All tutors are graded by students and are personally checked by our people to guaranty an uppermost quality of teaching throughout the platform. It is our duty to keep standards high and to take actions in case of insatisfaction




Share your knowledge with the world

Do you have outstanding cooking skills? Can you code? Do you speak an exotic language? Can you play an instrument? Are you an A class student? You will be able to teach everything you know on our platform thanks to our open data base. Create an account, add your skills and show the world what you can do!

Expand your client base locally and globally

Your profile will be seen by thousands of students from around the globe, it is your opportunity to expand your reach and attract new clients no matter where they are. Our premium accounts will push this further by promoting your profile to all students potentially interested by your lessons. The more you work with us, the more we will reward you.

Use our advanced set of easy to use tools for your lessons

Our system allows you to create and edit lessons, edit your agenda, use our in-built messaging system, manage your payments and access analytics regarding your lessons. What else to ask for? Thetutorist was built and is being built by its users. We therefore ensure that all our tutors have the necessary tools to do more without more efforts.